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Idea Bank addresses the offer primarily to micro and small entrepreneurs. Idea Bank was created to support entrepreneurs in an innovative way in implementing their plans at every stage - from the first steps in business to investments enabling the development of business. The bank started operating under this name in 2010, gradually creating a capital group offering modern products and services combining traditional banking with ancillary services such as accounting services, factoring and leasing.

The Bank bases its activity on offering products and services tailored to the clients' needs and building long-term relationships with them. Currently, the list of products offered by Idea Bank includes operational loans (non-renewable and revolving), installment loans, accounts for settlements with contractors, accounts with attractive bonuses, payment cards, access to payment terminals and cash registers. In 2019, the Bank introduced #Ideapay cash terminals, which enable entrepreneurs to accept payments and post transactions online. The Idea Cloud platform is a project of strategic importance, offering banking and accounting services in an easily accessible and friendly way via the Internet, smartphone or tablet. It was enriched in 2019 with the Invoice Cloud, i.e. the first platform in Poland for free issuing, sending and storing invoices without restrictions. This approach to building customer relationships has been recognized by independent observers and banking market analysts in Poland and abroad. In its several-year history, Idea Bank has won many competitions, including the Edison Awards, Stevie Awards and Efma Accenture Distribution & Marketing Innovation Awards. In the years 2018-2019, Bank also received recognition in Polish rankings and polls such as Gazeta Bankowa's Best Bank, Ranking of the Year 2018 and the Customer and Consumer Gold Laurel 2019 for the Happy Idea Bank Deposit, Customer and Consumer Bronze Laurel for the Company it’s me account, the Currency Exchange Office of the Idea Bank and the Wallet 2019 award of the Wprost weekly in the Most Innovative Product category for the #Ideapay cash register.

Innovative product offer, modern marketing based on digital channels and a flexible distribution network allow Idea Bank to effectively reach clients, both via the hotline and branch network. At the end of the second quarter of 2019, this network included 31 branches, including 6 Idea Hub branches and 1 Idea Spot. However, the main channel for offering products is the internet: in 2019, about 98% of deposits and 63% of bills were activated using online or mobile tools.

The priority of Idea Bank is currently the gradual reconstruction of capital ratios and achieving sustainable profitability. To this end, the Bank has been undergoing extensive restructuring since mid-2019, which includes limiting the balance sheet total, reducing costs and reorganizing the sales network. As part of the latter process, in 2019 Idea Bank closed 4 branches and is in the process of changing the service model (non-cash) and the location of branches. By the end of 2019, we plan to move a total of 13 branches to new locations. Despite such serious changes in the area of sales network, Idea Bank took 5th place in the Forbes ranking for "The most friendly bank for companies" in 2019, which proves the priority, which is our customer satisfaction.