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CSR - Social responsibility of Idea Bank

With relation to its debut on Warsaw Stock Exchange, Idea Bank has introduced new standards of corporate governance and, at the same time, is developing its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Idea Bank attaches importance to the fact that its projects have a positive effect not only on the organization itself, but also on the communities that Idea Bank is in contact with. Three projects of Idea Group: Pride of Entrepreneur, Incubator of Entrepreneurship and Business Coaches have been added to the list of beneficial activities carried out by socially responsible business in the category of “social engagement and development of local society”, having been put into practice for many years by the Forum of Responsible Business. (

The following projects are highlighted:

Incubator of Entrepreneurship

Incubator of Entrepreneurship is a way to solve the problem of the lack of capital, faced by individuals wanting to create their own company. Recurrent competitions are organized under the program, during which 30 best business plans are chosen among a few thousand. Idea Bank establishes a partnership with the winners, and provides about 30% of the capital needed. The entrepreneur receives a loan on preferential conditions as a form of financing the rest of the capital. The participant can count on a grace period until the moment they start gaining income. The bank covers all the costs of legal assistance, preparing appropriate documentation and creating the company.

Business Coaches

The Business Coaches program consists of telephone consultations and, later on, training meetings in the major cities of Poland. The workshops address the abilities of self-presentation and sales, the ability of sustaining financial liquidity and managing personal finances. The program also included a possibility of specialist consultations on creating a company business plan.

Pride of Entrepreneur

The principles of the Pride of Entrepreneur program is promoting interesting business initiatives undertaken by Idea Bank’s customers. The project supports ambitious, creative and enterprising individuals in achieving success. Chosen companies receive from the bank a free professional marketing activities package such as: advertising spots, press articles as well as poster campaigns. The Pride of Entrepreneur operation has brought many advantages to entrepreneurs – some of the companies have registered even a quadruple increase in their revenue. The program helped them win not only new customers and increase sales, but also establish new business partnerships. There have been over 200 participating entrepreneurs in the program since 2013.

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