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Idea Bank plans further focus on meeting the needs of growing segment of entrepreneurs by, among others, development of Idea Cloud, a platform which in accessible and friendly way offers accounting and banking services through Internet, smartphone or tablet, and organic growth and strategic acquisitions.

The group wants to operate as a trusted clients’ advisor who as it develops, will become more interested in additional products and financial consulting. Wide range of products and services, both designed by the Group and integrated with the recent acquisitions, will increase its capability of building long-term relationship with current clients and gaining new ones with the use of cross-selling.

Idea Bank gained PLN 254 million from the issuance of new shares within the first public offering of shares. The Bank is going to allocate these funds for strengthening its capital position, which will consequently enable it to increase sale of products and services which are offered by the Group, especially increase in new loans and financing leasing and factoring activity.