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Idea Bank specializes in meeting the needs of the growing micro and small business segment. The priority of Idea Bank is currently the gradual rebuilding of capital ratios and achieving sustainable profitability. To this end, the Bank has been undergoing extensive restructuring since mid-2019, which includes limiting the balance sheet total, reducing costs and reorganizing the sales network. The main goal of the restructuring activities undertaken is to build the basis for long-term, stable profitability of the Bank and the Bank's capital group. Quick achievement of sustainable profitability is an action necessary to protect the Bank's low capital base. The ability to generate recurring income is also to be a decisive factor in rebuilding and maintaining confidence in the Bank and the Bank's capital group in the medium and long term. Rebuilding investor confidence is, in turn, a key factor in the success of the planned increase in the Bank's capital.

The main customer segment are micro-entrepreneurs for whom the Bank plans to maintain and develop a comprehensive range of products related to financing and servicing their business, expanded by products and services of Group companies. This goal is achieved, among others by creating a dedicated product offer (more at One of the key projects is the Idea Cloud platform, offering accounting and banking services via the Internet, smartphone or tablet. Idea Cloud and the #Ideapay register introduced into the offer in 2019 are examples of Idea Bank products compatible with the trend of digitization of services dominating the global banking market.

At the same time, Idea Bank is open to negotiations with potential strategic investors.